Thank all available deities that the search is over! For those living under a rock, Matt (not the hubs) was shot and killed on Friday and Sweat was shot and apprehended yesterday.

I’m relieved for my family. While neither of those two were headed in their direction, several travel the area they were found and 20 miles is 19.5 too close. While I wasn’t sure Canada was their ultimate destination, I can’t say as I’m surprised. Sweat almost made it, too.

Both were transported to a nearby hospital, one for autopsy and one for treatment. The autopsy doesn’t bother me (what’s he gonna do now?) but it’s worrisome that the other jerk is here. A friend’s mom works there and until she logged her reservations about the whole thing last night on FB, I’d completely forgotten/hadn’t made the connection. I’m putting all my faith in the security detail in the unit he’s in and hope like hell that everything works out. I’m a bit sick of this guy being in the news, yet I know he will be for a while as of yet; this shit ain’t over yet. There’s still an on-going investigation into the prison workers and he still needs to be questioned.

What’s amazing to me is no civilians or law enforcement were harmed in the entire three weeks. No major property damage, other than that caused by the prisoners breaking in to cabins. The only real shots fired were at the prisoners to take them down. Multiple agencies, from local to federal, worked in conjunction to make this happen. This is the kind of press law enforcement needed right now in the wake of all the nonsense in other states. Granted, it was “white on white”, but the fact that the mass populace can rest easy and was safe the entire time with these brave men and women creating secure perimeters daily should cast a more positive light on law enforcement. At least, for the time being.

So, thank you!