Losing it

I think I’m getting the hang of this mom thing. The boy is starting to settle in to a predictable routine, and much easier than I ever could have imagined (especially at 6 weeks old). The girl has her moments but is still a fairly easy kid. Still sucks a big one that Matt works two jobs (today’s his marathon), but we’re making it work. Mom-in-law has been helpful on Wednesdays and Fridays. Disbelief I think is the right word. Our lives may not be perfect, but we really can’t complain too loudly.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

On the way home last night, Matt and I cooked up an idea for our game group. I was saying that now that I’ve been given the all clear for resuming regular activities, I’m ready to get to my goal weight and give this bod some definition. We then noted that at least half the game group is trying to be more physically active and hit the gym. So, why not do a game group Biggest Loser? We texted everyone and just about everyone is on board. We start next Wednesday with our initial weigh in. There is a buy in as well as weekly “contributions” for a mini pot as well as adding to the main pot for transgressions. We’ll run this for six months and whoever has the best stats at the end gets the main pot.

This idea bakes in accountability and gets the less motivated of us off our keesters and pushing us toward kicking our own butts. At the outset I look like the least likely to have success; I’m 15 lbs away from my goal weight and am not fat per se. I have residual preggo belly, no muscle definition, and no core strength. I’ll be the most likely to plateau early and have set backs as far as gaining muscle weight. Thing is, this is all in good fun. Any healthful benefits that come of it for me or anyone else is just icing on the cake (mmm… cake…).

I have an app on my phone that tracks this stuff, but I’m going to (attempt) to track it here too (bonus effect: I blog more — huzzah!). Here’s to good things!