I guess this is growing up

How many people, you suppose, will find this blog by searching for Blink 182 lyrics?

I’m attempting to update while the toddler is up, which is probably very stupid. ::shrug::

A week ago, on my way home from work, my car overheated. It was probably my fault; I had been late on an oil change in December (by almost 5k) and while we were waiting in line to get the oil changed, the check engine idiot light came on. I noticed that on the one day it was over 30 degrees outside the light went out, leading Matt to come to the conclusion that I’d messed something up. So when the poor girl overheated and left me on the side of the Northway at the beginning of rush hour when it was a balmy 15 degrees and dropping outside (and with a sick kid at home to boot), I threw in the towel. She’s forced my hand. I need to start saving for a new car.

Thing is, I’m still in stupid debt from our wedding 4 years ago. I’ve managed in that time to pay off exactly one credit card. I still have two to go, one of which is in the hands of a very nice law firm that reminds me a little too often that I owe money. I’m doing the best I can with the little dinero I have. I never feels like it’s enough.

Matt’s confused as to why I haven’t been able to save any money. Well… there’s gas, groceries, the babysitter, the cell phone, other bills. My bi-weekly paycheck dwindles faster than I can accrue it. I minimally splurge on myself, usually on the kid. But not a lot. Yes, I get a 4 day/week iced tea and once/week McD’s breakfast. I know that adds up, but I’m also of the philosophy that even in tough times it’s good to indulge to feel sane.

We figure if I start with this week’s paycheck, I can have a $2,700 saved up by the end of May. Here’s hoping!

And kid’s having a meltdown. Got more written than I imagined!