21 Days (almost)

Three weeks ago tomorrow, Lil Man decided to arrive. It was a fast and furious delivery (11.5 hours total, less than 2 hours from hospital admittance).

I’d been having sporadic contractions for at least a week but they weren’t getting stronger or more frequent. On the a.m. of the 21st, just as we got in the car to go to work, they started in earnest, but nothing to get excited about. I dropped Matt off at work, Selena at the sitter, and went to work. Everyone thought I was nuts, but it beat the pants off sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I was pretty bored at work cuz I’d already tied up everything the week before.

I went to my u/s at 11 and everything looked good. I had an appointment at 230 to talk induction. Never made it. I had lunch and then it was like someone flipped a switch. I left work and got Beans, and just as I took the exit to go get Matt the contractions came on super strong, like one every 30 sec and lasting just as long. We’d planned on going home first so we could regroup. Sooooo didn’t happen!

Got to the hospital and checked in after 2-230, Selena sat up by my head until the hard pushing, flopping on my shoulder saying “Hi, Mom” and being super adorable. My MIL kept her occupied in the hall and at 505 Owen decided he’d rather see the outside world :)

Selena got to see him within minutes and she loved him right away. The nurse put Owen on my chest and when she went to take him to be weighed, he’d already pooped… as in in looked like he’d been dipped from the waist down. My whole left side was covered and I needed my IV lines replaced. Not exactly a sexy moment lol. Nurse said she’d never seen anything like that before. By the time we were all cleaned up, it was shift change so we had to wait a bit for transfer to our room.

First night was the usual chaos of being overly hormonal and getting used to constant feeds. Second night I had an anxiety attack and my awesome nurses and techs sat with me periodically so I could vent and calm down. I’ve joined a lactation support group that meets biweekly so that should help.

Otherwise we’re settling in pretty well! Owen is the napping king, doing on average of 4-5 hours at a rip, slightly less between 2 & 5 a.m. He’s wicked alert, sometimes staying up for 2 hr stretches, though we can’t count on it. She’s interested but usually too to really spend much time with him. He was 8 lbs 3 oz at his first well baby appointment. No change on length. I’m bouncing back fairly well. Had a few stitches and can’t wait until they’ve resolved themselves.

In a bit of negativity, we did have to kick my mom out. She was anticipating leaving at the end of last week, but we needed to expedite it. In short, Matt offered to help her off our craptacular couch, she snapped at him, he tried to discuss it like a sane human being a little later and she bit his head off so he told her to leave. One of my brothers-in-law came to get her. She’s mad I sided with Matt and “wants to talk to me”. I’m fairly confident she’s poisoned my sisters against me and it’s not skin off my nose (my love/hate relationship with them is well documented and known). I really have nothing to say about the matter. I “accidentally” forgot our Skype date over the weekend.

I’ll deal with this another day. I need to get some more work done before Owen man wakes up.