Musical Revival

***On a personal note, I’m noting that I officially opened this window at 6:28 p.m. ET on December 12, 2014. This is notable because I have every intention of seeing this post through and I want to see how much time elapses between this very moment and when I finally remember to finish.***

***9:11 p.m. ET on December 12, 2014. Just shy of three hours later.***

I’m listening to/watching White Christmas as I write this. Love me some Bing! And I’ll never pass up Danny Kaye!

I think there’s a possibility I’m too young to have uttered those last two sentences.

Since I started my new job just about four months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with music. I’ve always been a music nut. But in the last years, I’ve only been a causal listener. That was a hard pill to swallow.

There was a time (and now I’ve got I Dreamed a Dream in my head) when my life revolved around music. It got me through high school, undergrad years, happy times, tough times. I thought I wanted to be a music writer. I faithfully read Rolling Stone. I watched MTV, even when they stopped being solely about music. I was a department junkie in high school. I dreamed of having a premium sound system in my car (never happened) and thumbed my nose at authority and illegally downloaded to my heart’s content.

And then, well, it somehow took a backseat. Life got… well, it got better than I ever could have dreamed in all those lonely nights I stayed up until sunrise, drowning sorrows in playlists and albums and dreams of following my favorites around the country and around the world. Music was always hanging around the fringes, but it didn’t drive me like it used to. And I think it’s okay.

So when I started this new job, I switched from Rhapsody to Spotify, thanks to a recommendation from a friend. In those four months, I’ve found my love again. I dove head first into Top 40, Country, oldies, you name it. I’ve dipped my toe back into things that have extreme emotional effects on me that I swore I wouldn’t ever listen to again and have found that time has dulled the sting. I’ve wandered down memory lane and skipped right over the potholes. I’ve gotten reacquainted with old favorites and found new ones. I’m starting to dance at my desk. I’m starting to sing in the car (though I’ve largely done that all along, but I’m singing more).

What’s really surprised me is something I haven’t done in about 15 years. I’ve been able to listen to a song — any song — and try to harmonize, listen to individual layers/voices/instruments, evaluate pieces they way I had to for music/concert reviews for band. It excites me! I used to idolize certain singers/rappers, bassists, drummers, DJs, and I’m actually noticing what I loved about them again. And I’m finding that where a lot of my writing spark came from was the lyrics of certain songs, the way words were blended together, the words used, phrasing. Back in the day, looking back, I don’t think there was much distinction between words and music (lyrics or notes). They’re one and the same, I’m starting to realize.

With that in mind, I have at least three projects in the air: one close to fruition (I’m hoping by late January but no promises), one started with good intentions to finish (eventually), and one just hatched that may end up being a collaborative effort.

My nerdiness is glowing tonight.