Uncryptically explained

So, for the last week I’ve had a very bizarre one-liner up here. For good reason.

I finally got a dayum job!!!

I’ll be at a research funding opportunities company. BIIIIG change from teaching, lemme tell ya! But I’m ready, I’m *so* ready! I start on Monday.

I have to say, I was a bit surprised. I was the first one they interviewed and figured that I didn’t have all the razzle-dazzle skills they’d need, but alas, I start Monday.

I have a *job*!

Oh yeah… and apparently I like giving myself children for my birthday. Meaning? #2 is due 5 days before my 34th birthday. Presuming this one arrives on time, my girl will have to get used to the idea of 1) a sibling and 2) sharing her birthday-ish (hers is on the 6th).

So last week was a good week for us!

Being an adult sucks, but I love it (usually…)


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